Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vegas class "Poppin' Up" formally Alternative Journalling

We are teaching this class at ART AND SOUL in Las Vegas in february-march.Originally
Alternative Journalling  was the name of the class but we changed it to "Poppin' Up". It will encompass all of the features we wrote for Alternative Journaling but we decided on making a concertina or "accordian" book with a bi-fold cover to put all of our pop-ups, pockets,flip ups, a mini journal and a flag journal. Here are some pictures of our sample books



Ingrid Dijkers said...

All my best-

burnt offerings said...

this is great guys -- we didn't even know you had a blog! can't wait to see you in hampton. oxo

deb said...


Sharyn Sowell said...

I love paper engineering, too. There must be a zillion wonderful ways to fold and cut and bind paper. Can't wait to see your books in real life in Portland. They look amazing!